Examples of prices/ Our policies


Fees are based on the distance of your home to my shop. Examples:

  • Within 5 miles of Dardonville Furniture Restoration (map), pickup and delivery are FREE.
  • From 6 to 15 miles away, $65 for pickup, $65 for delivery.
  • Beyond 16 miles, call or email us for an estimate.


The price of repair and refinishing depends on your piece of furniture. A precise estimate can be sent to you via email free of charge* within 3 days based on the description of the problem and (good) pictures you send us by email. Christian can also come to your home, but an appointment is necessary. To give you an idea of what typical repairs cost, here are some examples (before taxes):

  • Loose chair or armchair (reassembly only): between $50 and $80
  • Loose chair or armchair (reassembly and cleaning): between $80 and $120
  • Dining table (simple refinishing of top): around $400
  • Chest of drawers or dresser refinishing: between $350 and $650

Please note that our estimates (based on pictures or a visit) are firm. There are no unpleasant surprises.

* There is a charge for estimates for insurance companies. If we are chosen to do the work, that charge will be deducted from the final invoice.


To accommodate our clients, we will store your furniture that is finished and ready to be picked up or delivered for 2 weeks free of charge. After 2 weeks, and unless a special arrangement has been made, there will be a storage fee of $10 per day per unit until the unit(s) is delivered or picked up.


If we attempt to reach you and are unsuccessful in scheduling a delivery for (or have you pick up) your furniture, we reserve the right to donate or discard your furniture after 3 months of it being left unclaimed at our workshop. We are not responsible for furniture that you leave at Dardonville Furniture Restoration for over 3 months. We are not a storage facility.


- We value your privacy and will never share your personal customer information.

- We will never share your email address with a 3rd party unless you specifically authorize us to do so.

- If you have any question about our policy, call Christian at 206 361 3955.


For most pieces, turnaround time is approximately 5 to 6 weeks from the time we receive the furniture. Need it sooner? Ask Christian about our rush orders (minimum 2 week turnaround), where a rush fee will apply. Rush fees vary depending on the project scope, time of year and amount of projects in queue.


- At pickup: We require a 50% deposit for labor + 100% cost of fabric or material at the start of the project. The deposit is payable by check or cash.

- Upon completion: The remaining balance is due once your furniture is complete, upon delivery. Final payments are payable by check or cash.


- Services rendered by Dardonville Furniture Restoration are non-refundable.

- Deposits are non-refundable: If you cancel a project once a deposit is given, we will deliver your furniture (or you may want to pick it up), but your deposit will not be refunded. You are welcome to use the deposit toward the same project if you move ahead at a later date, although the cost of your project may change.